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Hitting the marketing bullseye

Marketing campaign planning Let’s assume the ground work has already been done. We already know the following: Who the customer is What the business goals are What good looks like in 12 months from now How we want to be positioned The kind of messaging that will have...

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No lead left behind

There’s a theme here. The eagle eyed will have spotted it. When we are squeezing the value out of the leads it’s not an 80% effort, it’s about following up on every single potential lead every time. On the other hand it may seem simple – that’s because it is – the whole point here is that this is entirely within the circle of influence of the sales manager.

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Looking forward to Foundation Ex 2022

Foundation Ex 2022 is a few days away. Over the past few months the team at Make the Break have been supporting Empire Engineering in getting everything ready for the event. The concept of the Foundation Ex conference was born out of discussions between Karl Davis and...

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