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Ah yes, it’s the ‘one year in business’ post

One year in business, happy birthday to Make the Break I’ll admit I hesitated a little before putting this one together. However, if this helps even one person who is thinking about taking the jump then that’s a good thing.  So in the spirit of JFDI, here’s what I’ve...

Sort your images out

A good campaign is a fast campaign When discussing client marketing, website performance is regularly on the agenda. And in the very next breath, page load speed is usually mentioned. The current website has been up for a while and it’s getting slow.

Staring into the sales abyss

Dare you stare into the sales abyss? When it comes to sales, Nietzsche had it wrong. The sales abyss is not bottomless, it won’t lead to existential torture, there is a way out and there are no monsters lurking.  Let me set the scene. As a sales manager you’re tasked...

Climate positive from day one

Being part of the solution, not part of the problem One of the good things about setting up your own thing is that you can do things the way you want to do them. For me, one of those was to be mindful of carbon footprint and support a local Bristol company all at the...

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