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Why Brand Books matter

The brand book story “We do our best work when customers have a brand book” A brand book or brand guidelines or whatever you want to call it… it matters. There are a number of clear benefits from having a brand book. At a simple level, it provides…

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Unleash the Grandma!

I am an unashamed events geek Here's the thing. Events have been part of my professional life pretty much all the way back to when I was a young fresh faced pup not long out of uni. Way back in the <cough> early 2000's, I cut my teeth in corporate travel and...

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How to …. move away from spreadsheets

Data in its simplest can be all of the information you hold on clients in a visual format that the whole team can use to their best advantage. Get your whole team working with a system that ensures everyone is on the same page and no lead is left behind.

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Warm calling for the win

BD in 2023, is it all AI and robots then? So here we are in the second half of the year. What kind of BD world are we living in these days?  Well, 2023 is definitely an interesting vintage. The home vs office debate rages on, data scraping is rampant, we are all...

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When the world zigs, zag

As a B2B marketer, there comes a point, often relative early in the career when suddenly a world of business books and gurus opens up. There's a whole collection of marketing libraries to devour with core tenants from the likes of Godin, Sinek, Carnegie, Heinz......

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