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Make the Break

Make the Break was started to help technical businesses benefit from a little more horsepower in their BD efforts.

We love founder-managed businesses. They are exciting places where the vision has attracted a core team, who have in turn taken the risk to come onboard and be part of the success story.

The skillset assembled in those early days is typically development heavy and product focused. This makes sense, the product or service needs to be developed and the vision requires the work to turn it into reality.

Where there can be a gap is in Business Development. Typically, those same subject matter experts do not find it natural to turn their hand to sales and marketing.

There comes a crunch moment. The business has its first customers, there is a commercial MVP and it’s time to grow the revenue and gain market share. What are the options? Ask the development team to turn their hand to BD? Hire in a big ticket Sales Director right now, with all the investment that takes and accompanying risk if it doesn’t work out? Engage a traditional marketing agency who don’t know the market and/or might want to focus on the nice to haves? Or, try and do it all yourself?

Enter Make the Break. Our thing is to take the brand fundamentals and create a lean, mean Business Development machine to get your business to the next stage. Between our team and our network, benefit from accessing a Swiss army knife of skills.

We are focused on helping our clients navigate from £500k turnover to £5 million turnover. We do our job right and there comes a day when it’s time to hire in the skills in-house and pass the baton back.

Make the Break started in early 2020. We have since developed a specialism in renewable energy technology and engineering. We have learned how to navigate the market and we understand the common challenges which smaller businesses face in their attempts to scale up in this space.

We get results. The businesses we work with have seen significant uptick in growth. We have achieved major milestones for our clients – be it retaining and growing current accounts, to winning competitive tenders for the first time, right through to breaking into new markets. The hard metrics speak for themselves, we are seeing our clients benefit from healthy and sustained revenue growth year on year.

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Stu Pringle

Stu Pringle


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Jackie Haley

Jackie Haley

Marketing Campaigns Manager

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Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Strategy Director

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Damien Burnett

Damien Burnett

Account Manager

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An opportunity for you to talk through where your business has got to and where you would like it to be. We can look to see if we have common ground and if our skills are relevant for what you need.  Together we can spec out a project and get going.