Work from the Wave

Jun 17, 2024 | Good stuff, team work

Jackie Haley

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

At Make the Break we place great emphasis on our people and empowering them to work in a way that is beneficial on a personal level, as well as getting the job done. So we encourage remote and flexible working, with lots of face to face time over lunches and long walks.


The Wave

The Wave in Bristol is a slice of the ocean inland, a place to get back to nature and improve health and well-being. You can surf if you want, enjoy the skatepark or just indulge in their awesome food.

Teaming up with our friends from Empire Engineering for the day, we organised a flexible working initiative that we like to call ‘Work from the Wave.’

We hired the Hideout for the day, a unique and flexible co-working space. Ordered in some pastries and a fabulous lunch and invited colleagues from across the Renewables scene to join us.


Work, surf and connect.

Let my people go surfing …

There was good chat during the day with plenty of food and drink. Lots of our guests booked in for a surf session or had a go at the skatepark. Much fun was had, and there was even some work achieved!

A massive thank you to everyone who came along and made the day such a success.


This is hopefully the first of many ‘Work from the Wave’ days.

Get on the list

It’s caused quite a stir on the renewables scene and people are already looking forward to the next one. If you’d like to be on the invite list next time around, give us a shout

See you there!