A change of the times

Traditional sales approaches are no longer effective

know your customer segment

The way people assess and buy B2B services has changed.


of B2B buyers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business.

Source: Salesforce

of B2B buyers are more likely to buy from a brand they trust and feel connected to (and 60% would pay a premium).

Source: CEB

that’s how far, on average, B2B buyers are through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep.
Source: Google
is the average number of attempts before a substantial conversation is had with a B2B buyer. 
Source: Hubspot

a seismic shift

The way teams are organised and managed has changed.

of B2B sales teams have shifted at least partly or fully to remote selling.
Source: McKinsey
of sales reps report that how they collaborate and communicate is the thing that has changed most since working remotely. 
Source: Buffer
is the average increase year on year of B2B site traffic post pandemic. The interest is there, but where are the sales? 
Source: Accenture
of sales people say they feel underappreciated in their role. We need to fix that.
Source: Pipedrive
A fresh perspective

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes

Today’s B2B buyers are more informed than ever. Your buyer is overwhelmed by choice. For them, the safe option can often feel like just doing nothing at all and maintaining the status-quo.

Your buyer rarely makes a decision alone but asks for the views of others, including people they do not know personally, to form an opinion on what is the best way forward. Perspective is everything. Your product may be amazing, feature rich – the best thing since sliced bread. However, unless your sales team view the situation from the prospect’s point of view, their efforts will be wasted.


How Make the Break can help

Build knowledge

BD Health Check

Need an overview of the current state of play to inform future decisions? Our health check is a fixed package of work to critically appraise your current sales and marketing efforts. You will gain an independent overview, pinpoint weak links, indicate potential training needs and identify friction in the buyer journey. Inform forward conversations with management and or investors for budget and activity make improvements.

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Build a plan


Got a product or service but don’t have a plan? Calling everyone and anyone isn’t really viable (and is frankly soul destroying). Having a sound strategy is crucial to the success of your new business efforts. We offer two workshop sessions, ‘commercial strategy’ and ‘content marketing strategy.’ We work with you to create a go-to-market plan, recommend your metrics for success and can support you through to execution.

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Sales Director 

Want to raise your BD game but cannot yet go for the full time permanent Sales Director hire? Our Sales Director as a Service is designed to offer growing companies access to the required expertise to make real impact, grow pipeline and drive sales. Regular BD stand ups, pipeline reviews, coaching, pitch deck and proposal support, CRM set up and expert sales knowledge on tap when it matters.

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Build better

Demand Generation

Want to get things done but keep it lean? This is all about the doing. We can be your agency. Working alongside your team, let us take the strain in executing the campaigns in the business plan. From getting the data in shape through to campaign delivery, we’ve got you. Typically this can cover events, email marketing, community building, content and collateral creation.

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Stuart has given us marketing support that is practical, effective and always on the money. Excellent.

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An opportunity for you to talk through where your business has got to and where you would like it to be. We can look to see if we have common ground and if our skills are relevant for what you need.  Together we can spec out a project and get going.