Case Study

Supporting rapid market entry, providing guidance on where to focus BD effort, keeping it lean with Two Blues Solar


New entrant into the fully funded solar for business market


Commercial Strategy

Length of engagement:
6 months

Successful because:
Founding team open to new ideas

  • Shift the thinking on approach, language with prospects
  • Sketched out customer journey, mapped to deal stages
  • Successfully on-boarded prospect data into HubSpot
  • Lightweight content marketing plan
  • All converted into a rapidly growing sales pipeline

Problem: When taking your shot, you really don’t want to miss. The real world as a new market entrant.

About Two Blues

Two Blues Solar was founded to help businesses obtain the benefits of solar PV, where capital, complexity or other restrictions previously hindered them. The mission is to provide a fully funded solar solution alongside a managed service to ensure clients navigate the process successfully.

How did the project come about?

Two Blues spotted an underserved market. Energy security and cost volatility are high priority subjects. Two Blues used their industry contacts to secure a funding partner shortly after launching the business. The offering is ready, the team is ambitious and speed is important for commercial success.

Two Blues knows its market and were making initial early success from outbound email marketing. We looked to build on this and optimise outreach

Solution: Taking a customer focused approach to messaging, mapping the market and splitting it down into easy to manage segments.

Persona research and branding

We met at their HQ and took time to map the buyer journey. We pulled out the messaging at each stage through the buying process and how it lined up with the customer pains and gains. From there, we were able to identify what was working and what required attention.

We were able to rapidly improve the experience for prospects, making sure we had the answers to their questions and the information on-hand to mount a compelling business case for choosing Two Blues.

“Stu has been instrumental in helping us to think about our business differently. This hasn’t just helped with sales, but with all aspects of business development.”

Dillon Cane, Co-Founder, Two Blues Solar

Workshopping to the good stuff

How did this translate into early wins?

We worked on customer data sets, quickly bringing order to several months of email marketing data and placing it into a fresh installation of HubSpot. This enabled us to identify more engaged leads, which in turn, meant we could make contact and generate appointments for Two Blues directors.

We set up a weekly sales pipeline meeting. We held ourselves to account and discussed how to progress deals in the sessions. Even in a relatively small business, not having this rigour can mean leads get left behind in the fog of the working week. Our regular accountability sessions enabled the team to have confidence in the process and provided a forum to discuss tactics for objections and progress deals.

We were able to rapidly improve the experience for prospects, making sure we had the answers to their questions and the information on-hand to mount a compelling business case for choosing Two Blues.

Team Two Blues

Crafting a clear proposition

Preparing for growth

Our brief was to prepare the business ready for rapid growth. Once the groundwork was in place, we turned our attention to supporting the team with choosing suitable tactics and campaigns.

We helped craft improved messaging in commercial collateral and creating a content pick list which had several months of topics to work with, suitable for top of funnel content. We helped create key pieces, including capability statements, LinkedIn creative, website service page content, event stand designs and email newsletter templates. Additionally, we provided some more technical input on website keyword optimisation and high level search audit.

Laying it all out for the customer

Success: Launched into the market

Walking the walk

The team at Two Blues Solar are on a mission driven by their passion for a future world powered by renewable energy. With our support, we have helped Two Blues move swiftly and with confidence, avoiding BD pitfalls that can cost a business both time and money, just at the moment when it matters most.

“We’ve worked with Make the Break over the past year and have really appreciated their insight and support in developing our strategy. It’s been a great relationship and Stuart, the founder, is very engaged, committed and knowledgeable.”

Rachel Stark, Co-Founder, Two Blues Solar

NExt step

Let's start a conversation

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