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A smart approach to business development

What we do

Before a solution, there is a diagnosis

There is no point just charging off and chasing any and every lead out there.

Your time is precious, your resources are finite. Let’s not waste either. We can help you focus on what matters.

The route to success is through developing an understanding of your ideal client segment, their sector, the size of their business and what the challenges are that they are seeking to overcome. 

As sales people, our role is to teach and tailor the conversation. Show the buyer you are clearly the best option. 

Make the Break is here to help. We have five principal services set out below. As a stand alone, each service can bring expertise to a recognised weakness.

Taken as a whole, the Make the Break offering can provide you with
a complete outsourced Business Development service.

If you are not sure what you need or what combination is right for your business then the best place to start is to have a conversation with the team. 

Educate the buyer

Making Business Development work

Getting started

Business Development Health Check

A straight forward route to start working with Make the Break is by taking a Business Development Health Check.

Our health check is a fixed package which will shine a torch around the inside of your sales and marketing set up.

We will identify frictions, highlight what support would help and make recommendations on where we believe you should prioritise actions.

The full Service

What’s in the toolbox?


Got a product or service but don’t have a plan? Calling everyone and anyone isn’t really viable (and is frankly soul destroying). Having a strategy is crucial to the success of your new business efforts. We work with you to create a go-to-market plan, hold you to account and help you keep focus.


Got a team who are new to sales? Or technical people who ‘have to do their own BD?’ It doesn’t need to feel scary. We can support and provide the basic tools and techniques that work. Demystify the process, set achievable mini mile stones and get the team performing.


What is happening to your team’s leads? What are the metrics that matter? Is the CRM being used properly? Why are sales not happening? If you are asking these questions, it’s likely revenue is being left on the table. Let’s pinpoint the gaps and recommend where to take action.


Give your business the hands-on marketing support to drive demand generation activity. Let us take the strain in executing the campaigns in the business plan. From getting the data in shape, creating content and through to campaign delivery, we’ve got you.


Founded by Stu Pringle

Why work with Stu?

I’ve spent nearly 20 years at the sharp end of new business development. My experience covers sales, account development, marketing and managing commercial teams.

The majority of my time has been with SME tech businesses working across channels, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. From building pitches which turned into large multi year contracts to putting in programmes to reduce customer churn and leading account management teams into high performance – been there, done that, got the proverbial t-shirt. 

I believe sales is simple. It’s about speaking with people you can help and explaining how you can make their lives easier. The trick is doing this in a credible way to make your brand the obvious choice. Do this, and you’ll make your break and be ahead of the pack.

Learn more about Stu here.


Stu’s thoughts

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