It’s nice to be nice, thank you team Xavier Analytics

Apr 20, 2020 | BD tales, Good stuff, Make the Break

Some year 2020 is proving to be.

I wonder how we will all look back in a few years from now. In the moment, for sure it is not fun, still scary from a health point of view and what business commentators would likely describe as ‘challenging conditions.’

So in among all of that, having a set of awesome clients who share a vision and believe in the value of the work being done is just the tonic.

And to top it off, the good peeps at Xavier Analytics sent me this hamper over the weekend.

Xavier have been a dream to work with right from day one. From slack channels dedicated to the mythical god that is ‘lunch boy’ through to regular check ins with the whole team to see how everyone is doing – it’s all done right. 

Of course, having a killer product helps and the blood sweat and tears that has gone into the platform (and continues to) is really paying off.

And fair play to them, they took me on before I had even incorporated Make the Break.

So thank you Xavier for the gift, really means a lot. And I think the wee man likes it too.