Climate positive from day one

Sep 2, 2020 | Good stuff, Make the Break

Being part of the solution, not part of the problem

One of the good things about setting up your own thing is that you can do things the way you want to do them. For me, one of those was to be mindful of carbon footprint and support a local Bristol company all at the same time. 

Anyone who has spent time with me will know that conversations will often turn to bikes and if a meeting is local to home there is absolutely no way I would drive there. Bike every time.

During the setup phase of Make the Break, I was out nearly every day biking up and down the hills of Bristol getting advice from contacts and pitching prospects. The middle part of 2020, well not so much. You know why.

I am pleased to say that something approaching normality is now being resumed. Tomorrow morning I have my first IRL bit of networking in Bristol. We’re going for a socially distanced outdoors coffee and I cannot blimmin wait. It’s my first face to face since all this kicked off and it will also be the first ‘new’ person I have spoken with in quite a few weeks.

I will be donning my fetching hi-vis, grabbing my bike and trundling towards the harbour shortly after 9am tomorrow. Bliss.

Ecologi (formerly Offset Earth) is a startup dedicated to helping normal folks and businesses do something positive in the face of the climate crisis. From planting trees to supporting eco projects around the world, the good people of Ecologi Earth have set up a clear manifesto for change. If I can help even in the smallest smallest of ways then that’s only a good thing.

And yes… Make the Break stickers. Coming to a bike stand near you.