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Sales coaching can be effectively delivered either face to face or via Zoom. I can create a programme of content just for you and/or your team. On the day, this is delivered in a workshop format and is most effective in a one to few setting.

The aim is to give your client facing team the strategy and tools to be more effective at opening, progressing and closing opportunities. The focus is on giving you practical help for team to start doing straight away.

I’ll come armed with knowledge from my personal experience of years of complex B2B sales and also from running high performing commercial teams.

You’ll leave ready to go out, engage with your prospects peer-to-peer and fill your pipeline.

The process

What we cover

Theory on the buyer

Prepare to Prospect

Initial approach

The first conversation

The demonstration

The close

The follow up

After the win


What people say about me

The process has proved to be invaluable to our business. It has made us ask important questions of ourselves – as a result we’ve massively improved how we present our organisation to Clients.

Stuart’s understanding of the whole marketing/branding/sales process is comprehensive, but his real strength is being able to apply this into real organisations.  We’ve seen immediate results from Stuart’s support and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Karl Davis

Managing Director, Empire Engineering

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NExt step

Let's start a conversation

An opportunity for you to talk through where your business has got to and where you would like it to be. We can look to see if we have common ground and if my skills are relevant for what you need.  Together we can spec out a project and get going.